Men of Power

Got BACK TO FL. Than back to North East

    Today it is Sunday around 11:46 pm. Tomorrow we go to North Fl. to get the hitch in the bed of the truck.  It has been a long time coming ..or at least it feels that way.   After that we go to the trailer to work on putting the outside skin on it.  We sure need your prayers as I have been told there is no way to put the skin on it in two days ...  There is much to do but I know in my heart that God is going to help us to meet the schedule.    There is also a lot to purchase yet....and we are praising God for what he is going to do even there.

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Update North East

Praise God!

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Coming to Hoosick Falls N.Y.

       Since the last time we were up there .  We came home to find out we had been broke into at our house in Brooksville Fl.  With that said, they also stole my wifes car and totaled it in Tampa Fl. 

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Blessings from Up-State New York

I sit here in Up-State New York thinking about all that God has done in the our revivals here. It has been one miracle after another. Even though we are ministering in a very dark area, God has been showing Himself to be a powerful God. Many people in the Up-State area are not used to the power of the Holy Ghost. Though you must keep in mind that this is the area where Charles Finney had great revivals. Where whole families come to God. This area was claimed by Finney to be a God area, and given over to the Power of God. Through once given to God, It no longer puts God in the forefront. Not just in New York, but in Vermont as well. Those of you who read this, we need your prayers that God would do great miracles and deliverances. This is a great and wonderful hour to live in, these are of a certainly last day times. He is pouring out His Spirit upon All Flesh who wants it.

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Men as Trees

ISAIAH 61:1,2,3 -- PSALMS 92:12,13

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