Today it is Sunday around 11:46 pm. Tomorrow we go to North Fl. to get the hitch in the bed of the truck.  It has been a long time coming ..or at least it feels that way.   After that we go to the trailer to work on putting the outside skin on it.  We sure need your prayers as I have been told there is no way to put the skin on it in two days ...  There is much to do but I know in my heart that God is going to help us to meet the schedule.    There is also a lot to purchase yet....and we are praising God for what he is going to do even there.

       We had a great time in camp meeting in Cambridge N.Y.  It was truly a God thing.   Night after night we were wooed by His spirit, and made to sit in heavenly places.  The pastor said it was by far the best Camp meeting they had ever had in over 14 years.  The next meeting we will go to is in Peru N.Y. ... see ya there. under the great gospel tent.


                                                                Yours for Souls  Bro. Carroll